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Mount Kerinci

HERE .... PEAK IN SUMATRA 3805 masl

Stocky body towering skySturdy hand dangle to the groundBack to a million lives for humansSturdy feet stuck in the ground
Provide a million tears for our benefitOur party of more personal importanceDredge and cut down all the existingWithout a sense of sin ..............!
PEAK IN SUMATRA hereI say to those who are not Deaf And BlindThat here, we are in ragged NatureBy sebahagian creatures that do not take
Here at Peak SumatraTo say I Mother EarthHere's that we still maintain the EarthAs much and as best we can
Here, the DWI's always flying COLORSFlick of peace and sustainabilityFOR my country TERCITAIn the beloved countryIndonesia 3805
(Ihcan Van Java, 6-8 April 2012 "Save & Clean MT Kerinci 2012)
Mount Kerinci, is one of the tallest mountain Posters and Indonesia which have a height 3805Mdpl, higher than the highest mountain on the island of Java, namely Mount Mahameru 3676Mdpl.Mount Kerinci occasionally turbulent, black smoke and lava, but that the mountain has a fluctuating levels, which humans are only able memperediksi possibilities that arise.Mount Kerinci area located BORDER BETWEEN THE WEST SUMATRA PROVINCE AND JAMBI, who supposedly said first entrance of Mount Kerinci in West Sumatra administration area, given its location is also quite close, just north of the Kerinci district gunug South Solok-Padang Aro.ACCESS to get to the Kerinci gunug basically consists of THREE DOORS The main entrance to the Kerinci district:A. VIA Kerinci in West Sumatra / Padang. This route is better if you are from the West Sumatra, because the position G.Kerinci approximately 250km from the city of Padang, and if you use the Travel takes approximately 6 hours trip. You can immediately stop at the foot of Mount Kerinci, precisely in the District of timber aro, rural village of grit Tuo. Because there are many Home Stay here for you hikers, climbers immigrants from afar. Here there is an intersection TIGER GATE symbol path to a distant jungle around more than 2 km, before there were checkpoints R10, to assess the climbers, but sometimes there is rarely a standby officer.
2. Kerinci district of Edinburgh, for you-you who are planning to come to the Kerinci especially for you who are of the SOUTH OR EAST DIRECTION, FROM JAMBI, Sumatra LAMPUNG OR you can go through the Kerinci regency Merangin. Of jambi go to Kerinci takes approximately 12 hours, you will arrive at the River City Full then proceeded to use public transportation to the wood sub-aro more or less 1 hour.
3. VIA Kerinci gaze, this is for you-you are located in areas such as Bengkulu and West coasts, you can head Tapan VIA Kerinci which takes approximately 4 hours already arrived in town the river is full.
The enthusiasm of the domestic and foreign tourists should be Admitted Government Attention, attention especially to the ACCESS ROAD INTO OLD DISTRICT HAS KERINCI dormant, almost more than 20 years did not improve the access road.Hopefully with Improved Access Road, will bring tourists and enhance the Kerinci regency, to enjoy all the grace of God that lies at the Earth's Natural Way Kerinci.Route Climbing Mount Kerinci 3805 maslOnce you arrive in the district aro wood, meets these demands will be met with TIGER intersections located in the village of Old grit which is the Gateway to the Early Doors Climbing Mount Kerinci. Go Tigers of Simpang R10 (Basecamp / office data collection climbers) is approximately 1 km, then R10 FROM DOOR TO MORE LESS jungle is also located 1km.In general, Mount Kerinci has THREE THREE ITEMS AND SHELTER. Here are the details of distance and terrain to be traveled.A. POS 1Is the initial post rather than the door nearest the jungle, this post is available a cottage that allows you to simply create a shelter or tent, if you find it too late when climbing. From the door of the jungle takes approximately 1 hour drive (Depending on one's physical abilities than different), the field is still rather flat, and composed of large trees, and there are still many forest animals.As a suggestion, made the ascent should not terlallu day, so that we can arrive at the shelter 3 still early, so we can enjoy the SUNSET and the Search for the needs of water if the water depleted stock condition, but there is a good idea to stock enough water so no need to seek water , because the springs are pretty fairly steep ravine.2. POS 2After traveling approximately one hour (Depending on the physical abilities than someone who is different you will arrive at Pos 2, here the field is found to still be a forest grove. Here there is no lodging, but there is a small field that you can also make camping if in urgent circumstances. There is also a source of water, approximately 100 meters Direction Left.
3. POS 3After walking a few began to climb, with plants around the more dense in the surrounding streets which also takes approximately 1 hour (Depending on one's physical abilities than different. In the post there were also lodging SMALL 3, which can be used for camping or just rest or shelter when it rains.4. SHELTER 1POS trip from 3 to SHELTER 1 more uphill, but poho still quite large trees around it, takes more time to reach 1 More Hour (Depending on one's physical abilities than different), if sunny conditions the time required is not too long, in SHELTER 1 only, there is a field where little can also be used as a temporary camping. Previously there were cabins, but have been damaged inedible Age. In SHELTER 1 is still pretty cool, because there are large trees.As ATTENTION AND VIGILANCE, if you make the climb in a state RAIN Water should BEWARE of Animals Alike with leeches, but we will consider is the leech RED MOUNTAIN KERINCI ALA. With a fairly large body, he most liked in the flow of water, some are hanging on the tree, Take Precautions point (SEE VIDEO AND IMAGES). Leeches are found along the way SHELTER 1 - SHELTER 2.
5. SHELTER 2The journey from SHELTER SHELTER 1 to 2 more to climb again, with a more narrow streets, flanked by mountains and trees across the road sometimes. With an increasingly uphill track and long enough BSA FEED TIME 2-3 HOURS (Subject to a person's physical abilities than different), it also depends on the weather if the weather would not take so long.After arriving at the SHELTER 2 Establishment Tents There are places, where a slight decrease left Approximately 5 Meter, Exit From the Path to SHELTER 3. There are a small courtyard that can accommodate a maximum of 10 tents, there are also guest-house which formerly had broken consumed by Age / Man.IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW THE PHYSICAL CONDITION TO CONTINUE TO SHELTER 3, it helps set up a tent in SHELTER 2. there is also there but the AIR EYES farther down, it helps Bringing Water Supplies Direct From Down Under, given the condition of the water source that is sometimes dangerous.If you decide to set up a tent IN SHELTER 2, so if you intend to want to achieve just in time KERINCI TOP SUN RISE, then you have to START to continue the climb at the latest at 3:00 Wib because, Time Is The Mileage to achieve 3 SHELTER IS A 1 HOUR (Depending on one's physical abilities than different).Especially with GREAT ENOUGH field, especially for climbers beginners Dear, It Was That The Expedition Natural Climber "save & clean Mt Kerinci 2012". If you want to continue to peak in the morning, it helps Goods Only What is important is taken, given the field a little way to force you to Climb Really.
6. SHELTER 3If your condition still FIT AND WEATHER how good you DIRECTLY SUPPORTING THE JOURNEY CONTINUES TO SHELTER 3, you will find the sensation is quite a challenging climb. From the Shelter 2 Requires 1 Hour Ascent (Depending on one's physical abilities than different), by the way exotiz enough to force you to hang. Guaranteed fun SHELTER 3 / SunGOkong's track. Here you will be spoiled with the sensation of climbing Mount Kerinci Ala, in the natural caves of the mountain trees are so beautiful.Campground Shelter 3 is the last place for all climbers, shelter 3 is the boundary between the life of plants with stones and sand the top of Kerinci.There is also a source of water, but the place is rather telalu down the ravine, which is quite steep, it is worth bringing a sufficient stock of water.Is also worth noting, that can reach o'drajat TEMP Minus even so the things to watch out for menhangatkan body.When the holidays such as HUT RI August 17, and Year 3 NEW SHELTER Are Like a night market in the peak of Mt.In the shelter there are many PARK 3 edelweiss, And Should We Keep the Preserve, but still many people who claim to climbers picking and Bengali BUT NATURAL PROPERTY DAMAGE. So if you're really climber TRUE, Treat and protect all of the offer to OUR MOTHER PERTIWI.
7. TUGU YUDAFor Yuda goes a monument to 2 hours (Depending on one's physical abilities than different), Challenging terrain and faced more dangerous enough, therefore it takes physically fit (no headaches / dizziness) and mental health in order not to strees when climbing, especially a phobia ALTITUDE. That is, a writer experience, when it was first climbed Decided Stand back, because the condition of dizziness and balance the body that are less good.Field toward the monument consists of Yuda LANE rocky and sandy sloped up to 80 'more, small pebbles can be dangerous. So before you go, there are good attention-stepping feet, and make sure that you Sturdy footstool.The ascent to TUGU YUDA usually done when the climber at 3:00 to 4:00 pm, in the hope when it reached the top when SUNRISE appeared on the eastern horizon. 3-The monument of Judaic shelter need the time of 2 hours (Depending on one's physical abilities than different).Yuda Monument is a vast plain, which is roughly need the one-hour drive to go around, at the monument there is a mound of stones Yuda, on which there is a gravestone of our friends back in the arms of Mother Earth. It's good when you are climbing a moment to pray at the gravestone, for menberikan prayer to those who DIED in EARTH IS THE HIGHEST IN THE ISLAND OF SUMATRA.Yuda monument Are Like desert LIKE HAVE G.BROMO 2392MDPL, filled with ornate monument Yuda NAMES climbers, from the arrangement STONE MOUNTAIN Kitchen spewed lava, especially when seen from the summit must have been so wonderful.
8. TOP 3.805MdplYuda to the top of the monument takes a maximum of 20min, but if the condition of your body can fit speed that takes only a -15 minutes, if you have been professional enough.From the top, so you will realize how AMOUNT OF ALMIGHTY GOD, who created the universe, and memeliharnya guard. You will be in a million dishes by Ms. suguhkan Peritiwi, soil water which he gave to this nation.MUST first have to do better, you could say THANKSGIVING menginjakan SUMATRA ISLAND PEAK feet.From the top you can see the beauty of the Earth Kerinci, Bengkulu area, south-boast Coastal District, the district south-boast gift, Bungo, Jambi area, as well as the Indian Ocean which stretches across parts of West Sumatra.Mount Kerinci is an active volcano, of course, the kitchen sometimes clearly visible crater craters and lava, but also will be closed if the crater puff of sulfur from his mouth. Therefore, it is worth contacting the Post Trustees of Mount Kerinci if you want to get fit for climbing Moment yan, and safety.

The things you need to consider when climbing Mount Kerinci:A. The first and foremost is prayer, surrendering our life and death, because Gunungpun is his creation, jangalah OBLIGATIONS forget if you invoke the Muslims PRAYER.2. Do not say Arrogant, arrogant, Say-Gross said.3. Keeping and caring for Nature, do not damage the plants, do not throw garbage sembarngan.4. Do not commit adultery, drunkenness, etc. mabuk'an5. If your group, do not be far away from the group, try to remain in a state with the group.6. Do not do anything extravagant, Do not cause a fuss like singing too loud.7. Take care of Yourself, Take Heart

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